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Membership Information

Student, Alumni and Affiliates

Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Sweden (HBSAA of Sweden) membership is available to students and alumni who have graduated from any of Harvard's various schools and departments. 

For individuals who are not students or alumni of any of Harvard's various schools or departments, there is the option to sign up via an affiliate membership.

Both membership categories provide access to the various events organized by HBSAA of Sweden (without any additional cost) as well as various member benefits such as pitching companies' presentations, contact information, and other resources.

What differentiates these memberships is that Affiliate membership has an annual cost of 450 SEK and Affiliate members do not receive invitations to the international events which require Harvard student or alumni status.


As soon as HBSAA of Sweden receives your payment, your Affiliate membership application will be reviewed.

Please provide the same contact details when both paying and applying for an Affiliate membership.

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